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Register your Country Code TLDs with IX-ONE.COM

IT Domain Name Registration. IT Domain  Name From  Italy Domain Name .IT

IT Domain name information:
.it is the country-specific Internet Domain (ccTLD) from Italy. The Italian Republic is as a founding member of the European Union (EU). Italy is located in Southern Europe, comprising the Po River valley, Italian Peninsula, and the two largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily and Sardinia and shares its northern alpine boundary with France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Italy is a developed country with the 7th-highest GDP and the 17th-highest Human Development Index rating in the world. .it domains are especially favourable for companies and private persons, who have economical, political or cultural relations to Italy. http://www.nic.it/

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     Register .IT cheap domain name:

.IT Domain Name

ccTLD definitions:
  • .am Armenia
  • .at Austria
  • .be Belgium
  • .bz Belize
  • .ca Canada
  • .cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands
  • .cn China
  • .co.in India/Commercial
  • .co.nz New Zealand/Commercial
  • .co.uk United Kingdom/Commercial
  • .com.bz Belize/Commercial
  • .com.cn China/Commercial
  • .com.mx Mexico/Commercial
  • .com.tw Taiwan/Commercial
  • .de Germany
  • .es Spain
  • .firm.in India/Local Residents
  • .fm Micronesia
  • .gen.in India/Commerical
  • .gs South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
  • .idv.tw Taiwan/Individual
  • .in India
  • .ind.in India/Individual
  • .it Italy
  • .jp Japan
  • .me.uk United Kingdom/Personal
  • .ms Montserrat
  • .mx Mexico
  • .net.bz Belize/General Purpose
  • .net.cn China/General Purpose
  • .net.in India/General Purpose
  • .net.nz New Zealand/General Purpose
  • .nl Netherlands
  • .nu Niue
  • .org.cn China/Organization
  • .org.in India/Organization
  • .org.nz New Zealand/Organization
  • .org.tw Taiwan/Organization
  • .org.uk United Kingdom/Organization
  • .tc Turks and Caicos Islands
  • .tk Tokelau
  • .tv Tuvalu
  • .tw Taiwan
  • .vg British Virgin Islands
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  • Domain Forwarding & Masking
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  • Total DNS Control
  • Change of Registration
  • Status Alerts
  • Domain Locking

*For the .jp TLD, the registrant must have a Japanese address.  For the .de TLD either the Registrant or the Admin contact must have a valid German address. If you cannot provide either, we will supply a Proxy Admin contact for you. However, your admin contact will continue to be included in our WhoIs. Name server restrictions apply for .de domains.

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