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Keep the lines of communication open with additional minutes for your FAX Thru Email account!
Fax Thru Email lets you send and receive faxes anywhere*, anytime, from any computer — all you need is an Internet connection and email. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of a fax machine and discover a more affordable and flexible alternative.

Choose your Fax Thru Email internet plan

Your Cheap Domain is Just $1.99 With This Purchase

Toll-Free Email to Fax Plans
Standard Email to Fax Plans
Choose a toll-free fax plan (866, 800). Toll-free plans use minutes during send and receive.
Note: 100 minutes equals approximately 150 pages.
Use a Phoenix, AZ area prefix. Standard fax plans use minutes during send.

As low as $12.71/mo
Note: 100 minutes equals approximately 150 pages.
*US and Canada fax numbers only.  Fax Thru Email cannot connect to international fax numbers that require a
 country code.
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What is Fax Thru Email?

Fax Thru Email provides you with your own fax number and enables you to send fax messages directly from your computer using our interface or your own email account system. On the receiving end, Fax Thru Email processes and routes all incoming fax messages to your dedicated Fax Thru Email email address.
All outgoing faxes and incoming faxes sent to an 800 number are billed per minute. Your Fax Thru Email account comes with a monthly minute quota (a single page fax roughly equates to one minute). If you want to increase this monthly limit, you can purchase a Minute Pack and apply it to your account. Minute Packs are available in 100-minute increments. 
When you use all of your minutes, you are notified when you log in to your Fax Thru Email account. If you attempt to send a fax using the remote faxing option, your email is bounced back with a message indicating that your account is out of minutes. If someone sends a fax to your Fax Thru Email number and you are out of minutes, the fax is dropped and you receive a notice that you are out of minutes in your account.
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