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Personal Email Plans
Discover the difference a quality email plan can make. Each IX-ONE.COM email plan keeps your inbox safe and uncluttered with powerful, built-in protection against viruses, spam and fraud. Plus, never worry about running out of space with our Unlimited Storage plan. And with our new Microsoft® Outlook® plans, you can manage your email with the features and layout you already know and love with the latest version of Outlook®, FREE with each plan.
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Features Personal
Outlook with
Total Plan Storage 1 GB Unlimited+ 2 GB 2 GB
Addresses (Mailboxes) 1 10 1 1
Calendar     Shared Shared
Microsoft Office Outlook® 2007     Check Check
Hosted Exchange     Check Check
Mobile Access Check Check   Check
POP3 Check Check Check Check
IMAP   Check Check Check
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U.S. Pat. No. 7,320,020
+ Unlimited Email plan provides unlimited storage; limitations apply to other plan features.
Standard Email Plan Features
Outlook Plan Benefits
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